I created two illustrations for Mili Culture & Media as promotional materials.
Mili is a company based in Guiyang, China. The business of Mili focuses on film production, cultural events, and activities. They aim to provide good platform and training for youth with skills( performance, dance, modeling, acting...)
"Grow" depicts the idea that Mili will provide a good environment for youths and children, to help them grow into a better version of themselves, to find the potential of each individual and let them shine through on stage.​​​​​​​
"Future" depicts the idea that Mili is like a person who would provide seeds. Other company, which would have the potential to work them, is like another person who would provide a pot. When they build the partnership, they will create a bright future for the kids and both two companies.
▼Mili Poster, Digital Art, 2019

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