Little Can Diary is a monthly project which I do every year.
I try to finish a small illustration daily. There is no specific theme, I will just follow my heart and get inspiration from life. Sometimes, it is hard to do it daily since there are so many unexpected things would happen. This year I spent 2 months to finish them. I had a wonderful time making all 31 illustration and hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 
Even I only spent 2 months on this project, however, the total length of time was from August to December. In between, I took a trip back to China to visit family and friends. I suffered the loss of my grandpa... When it came to December, I feel like it has been agaes and I am totally in a differnt mood, and even a differnt me. 
I hope I can keep creating art and have love and peace in my life.
▼Little R is my eyeball imaginary friend. I started to draw Little R in early 2018. Little R might be a person, an object or even an alien, who knows. Little R doesn't have a clear ficial expression, however I feel connected to it and can sense its subtle emotions. I hope Little R is free and can be whatever and be anywhere to have many different stories.​​​​​​​
▼Other Illustration

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