In this collection of experimental digital art, I express my fatasy inspired by nature, novel, poem and folklore.
▼Beautiful Decay​​​​​​​
The cirle of life, birth to death. Growing is beautiful and so does the decay.
▼Close To You
This is a dream fantasy. I am a gardener and find this gentle creature among the plants. I kneel down and try to get close to it. Surrounding by the glowing light of its horn, I get the feeling of the suspension of time, as it flows quietly at this moment.

This illustration is used as promotional materials on the website of Beautiful Bizrre.
▼Midnight Jellyfish Garden​​​​​​​
The girl tries to see her reflection in th mirror, she is so curious about this object she found earlier near the water. She is shy and hides herslef deep in the plants. Suddenly, she hears sounds from the bushes near by. She is scared and try to defense herself.
▼Dreamed A Dream​​​​​​​
In the dream, dolphins sing happily, jelly fishes are naughty, starfishes wave their happy hands, water flows, and flowers bloom. I love al of these. I saw the back of a person. who is she?
▼Sping Is Here​​​​​​​
Spring is here, The whole world is awaken. 
▼The Flow of Time
Time flows at his own pace. We are not the same anymore.
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