▼Red Dream
The pieces of memories are floating and far away from me
I remember, but would rather not..​​​​​​​
Standing on a branch and cawing like a crow​​​​​​​

The night is deep, time, it is​​​​​​​
What I lost and what you bring to return
They are not the same thing anymore
I still want to thank you for coming to me​​​​​​​
▼The secret under the moonlight 
The moonlight, bright and cold
Sprinkling the soft and shimmering dust
Those unspoken secrets, gradually lower its veil ​​​​​​​
The whispering, slowly flow out
in this quiet momnet​​​​​​​
The purple fantastic land
Emerging your raw desir​​​​​​​
▼Dream Net
Got filted in the dream, the memories which
you can not recall a single detail​​​​​​​
Water, Dust
From ground to the sky
Reflection of you, two sides of you
One is lost​​​​​​​

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