"Fantastic Land" contains four pieces of illustrations that try to explore the connection between human psyche and the world of the Internet.
First one is the “Shimmering Delight”. The world refers to the world of the Internet. As you step into this fantastic land, everything is so colorful and intriguing, you are so curious about everything. This shimmering delight bubbles up and you are so eager to explore it. 
The second one is the “Infusion”. After you know the world more, you get enlightened with good knowledge, however, bad things still try to invade your head no matter you want to or not. 
The Third one is “Hollow”. As time passes by,  you are divided into two individual and you can do tell that is real. The little you still want to get attention from others while the big you have this giant hole inside of your body. This wind of loneliness gets through your body and you hear the endless echoing. 
The last one is “Consuming’. In the end, you gradually become part of the fantastic land, no one knows your face, your everything, even you may not know who you are anymore.

▼ Shimmering Delight 小雀跃, Digital Art, 2018
▼ Infusion 浸入, Digital Art, 2018
▼ Hollow 空洞, Digital Art, 2018
▼ Consuming 同化, Digital Art, 2018
 ▼ I made blue and red lenses to view this series, it has a 3D vibrating effect. It is really hard to let you know the effect, you have to view it in person. I made them into the very close looking images to show you. A crazy version as a bonus. hope you enjoy it.    
 ▼ A crazy version as bonus. hope you enjoy it.
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